Why do I want to go on the journey?

I want to meet new people, take on new challenges, learn something new from people from other cultures, but also give them something back.

What can YOU gain by accepting me as an apprentice?

They can win a person who:

has experience in the IT and Web industry.

Constantly develops himself and still wants to do it!

Likes challenges

Tries to have a wider look at the problems posed in front of him

Sees his future in this branch of Computer Science industry

Who am I?

My name is Łukasz. I’m 24 years old.

I am a second year student of MSc studies in Computer Science (specialty: Internet and Mobile Technologies)

In my job I like to take inspiration not only from the IT industry

I hope these few pages will show you who I am…


I met Kasia three years ago. After some time we came to the conclusion that we should use our talents and start doing interesting things and share them with people. Kasia studies workshop graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Apart from that, she loves comics and to tease me. I use my passion for websites and aestheticism whereas she uses her great talent for drawing and her DIY life approach to create IT projects and more.You can check our website here


Graduation of Bachelor Studies

Team project as part of BSc thesis. As part of the project, we created an application for Android platform (the application used Android 4 interface, but it was also compatible with Android 2.3.3 – we used ActionBarSherlock library). The task of the application was to search quickly (with one click) for city transport links to a given destination along with a live preview showing where the individual means of communication were. My task was to design the user interface and the application flow, the implementation of the application and some compatibility questions.



When I started my MSc studies, I began to work for dook.pro company. I dealt with Front-End questions mostly, but also with some Back-End problems. My duty was also to modify the functionality of content management systems, such as Drupal or Wordpress as well as psd works to html5/css3.



For the last half of the year I took part in an audio-visual project called DERME Live Cinema Performance together with Pedro Ferreira (visual setting, electronic music), Piotr Brzezicki (bass), Seth Frompton (improvisation voice). I was Music Director. Playing live, I used the guitar and electronic equipment.

31.05.14 — "Remains: film concert" - Ksiegarnia Hispanska, Wroclaw (Poland)

25.04.14 — "Landscapes are silence/urbanscapes just noise" - Cafe Rozrusznik, Wroclaw (Poland)

14.03.14 — "You can't buy a ticket for this session", Galeria U, Wroclaw (Poland)

31.01.14 — "You can't buy a ticket for this session" + Piotr Stęplewski (keyboard), MWW - Contemporary Art Museum, Wroclaw (Poland) [ https://vimeo.com/58007441]

25.01.14 — "You can't buy a ticket for this session" + Malgosia Kozlowska (poetry) - Cafe Rozrusznik, Wroclaw (Poland)

21.12.13 — "You can't buy a ticket for this session" - Cafe Rozrusznik, Wroclaw (Poland) [https://vimeo.com/84730171]

14.12.13 — "You can't buy a ticket for this session" - ASKolektyw, Wroclaw (Poland) [https://vimeo.com/58828277]

Graduation of Photography School

As my diploma work, I made a video presenting the issue of migraine aura in an abstract way. In addition, together with Pedro Ferreira we wrote music for the film, which was played live during the diploma defence.
Promotor: Maciej Bączyk (from Małe Instrumenty -> Polish Band)

Landscapes are Silence

Photo exibition. 24/04/2014. Cafe Rozrusznik

What I'm doing now?

I'm prepering portfolio of Latvian ceramic artist. Where Im using Facebook and Etsy API with some caching mechanism. CSS animations and responsive deign (still work in progress). http://linda.kasiaimyk.pl u: linda; p: lindapass.

Apart from working for the company and studying, I am learning Javascript Framework (Angular).



In my work and freelance jobs. Im using CSS framework (Bootstrap) too.


DOOK, kasiaimyk and study projects.


DOOK, study projects.


DOOK, study projects, freelance jobs.


2 semesters of parallel programming. 2 semesters of network modeling (CSIM, OMNET++)


Android (Bachelors Graduating Project), JSP (Master Studies - small CMS project), native (study projects).


Kohana Framework, Drupal, Wordpress.

Graphic Programs

Photography school and design work experience. Photoshop, Indesign, Lightroom, Premiere, Flash.


ASP.NET, native (study exercises)


Eclipse, Visual Studio, Sublime Text, Windows, MacOs.


Using this architecture in projects in Kohana (PHP) or Django (Python).


Dook projects. More front jobs.

What if I go?
I will learn to write letters

This is the end of the story of a sailor

If you want you can contact me or see my CV:

( Mockup Project, Design, Web Devlopment by Łukasz Zgrzebski (myk) & Drawings by Katarzyna Kaczor )